Year 2018

Another year has passed and it was a busy one

In the beginning of the year, we launched new product group - natural dried fish.

The product group mainly consists of Dried Sprats and Dried Baltic Herring. Products are totally natural. Only procedure that is done, is taking the moisture out of fish and it’s done with long period at low temperature, so the best fats and proteins could stay in the product.

It’s high quality human grade product. It’s the raw material for Niboshi in Japan and some of our clients even use this for pet treats as the great nutrition values are good for both – human and animal. Also, our Sprat and Baltic Herring are appropriate for pets as there aren’t any additives (preservatives, salts etc.).

Contact us, if you want to hear more.


IQF Smelt in 1kg retail bag

In 2018, Saare Fishexport launched one more product to its retail IQF product group, which was IQF Smelt in 1kg bag.

Smelt is a bit more nieche product than Baltic Sprat and Baltic Herring are. Mainly because of its catching season that is much shorter (approximately one month) and because of that it's not so widely used in the Baltics. But still, smelt is one of the most delicious fish in the Baltic Sea and that's why we wanted to have it in our assortment.

Latin: osmerus eperlanus
Size: 12-15 cm
Caught: FAO-27 IIID

There's one funny thing with smelt. When it's fresh, it's smells like cucumber.

You can find it from the biggest retail shops in Lithuania.

Export to the Unites States of America

One of the most exciting achievements this year, was starting the export to the United States. The United States has been pretty unreachable market for a company that is located on a small Estonian island producing local fish that, but fortunately, the export didn’t stop at only one container and throughout the year we managed to increase the sales. We hope to see it continue in 2019.

When visiting partners in the States in March, Fred, Arne and Ivar had also the opportunity to visit few of the many unbelievable sightseeings.

Photo: Marko Mägi / Saarte Hääl

Fishermen's day in Mõntu

On 14thof July we celebrated Fishermen’s day in Mõntu, which is an annual event for local fishermen, companies active in fish business and for everybody else who like to celebrate this day. Beautiful day with musical performances, great food and people.

Photo: Marko Mägi / Saarte Hääl

MSC certification

One thing, that we and our partners hoped to achieve in 2018, was acquiring Marine Stewardship Council's certificate, but as there are many countries involved (Estonia, Denmark, Germany and Sweden), needed procedures have taken longer time than expected.

Fortunately we have updated information, that assessment will be finalized in the middle of 2019. After certifying FAO Area 27 for Baltic Sprat and Baltic Herring, we can apply for MSC label with our catching companies and manufacturing plant in Nasva, Saaremaa.


Energy and Resource efficiency audit

In the second half of the year, we ordered an energy and resource efficiency audit for our plant in Nasva, Saaremaa. The aim was to get professional suggestions, how to improve the usage of energy and resources. Next step will be making these suggested investments and about that you'll be hearing more in 2019.

Christmas party

We ended the year with a fun Christmas party that was held in Nasva Klubi.

In total there was over 80 people who enjoyed food, live music and company. Surprisingly, white bearded Santa with his helper came with lots of challenges and presents. Of course challenges were to earn these presents.

Party lasted till late hours and was great way to end great year.


Final word

In general, we thrive for stability what is hard to achieve when you work with fresh fish. Mainly because the fishing is not possible whole year round. In 2018 we managed to see already some signs of improved stability throughout the year and that gives us power to continue with our efforts in 2019. 

Fred Siimpoeg
Member of the Board