The Unconventional Guide to Good Effects From Eating Fish

Are you confused? You think eating fish does no good. Well, think again.
Fish is important. In fact, the most important part of our diet.


Fish helps in completing our diet plan. Look at this way – If not for fish, we would find it very hard to fulfil our bodily demands. Fish contains Omega – 3, which reduces the chances of heart alignments. Now if you care about your heart you simply cannot ignore eating fish. All of the nutrition experts agree that fish helps fight against cholesterol and it reduces the possibilities of a heart attack. Japan has 50% fewer cases of heart diseases when compared to the USA. And, guess where do people include fish in their daily diet?

In japan there are
fewer cases of heart diseases compared to USA

Fish is a high source of protein, if you really want to build muscle, make a statement? Then you need fish in your diet. Therefore, the cleanest way to inject natural protein into your body is through eating fish. You can rely on the fish because, unlike other meat, it carries less fats and calories. Fish is one rare food item, which is rich in protein and low in fat.
Fish gives you better vision. The omega-3 in fish oil contains DHA and EPA, which are important for your eyes. It helps to maintain healthy eyes and better sight. Giving you the reason to appreciate the nature that surrounds you. Fish oil absorbs easily into your body system. Oil from plants and other sources are wasted and only about 5% of them are useful. So, next time you get dry eyes you know where the solution lies.
You must be wondering of all those species of fishes out there, which one is best to eat? Here are two fish species in particular which suffice all of demands.

Baltic Sprat

Per 100 gr of fish:
Energy (kcal): 256
Fats (g): 21,63
Protein (g): 15,32

Baltic Herring

Per 100 gr of fish:
Energy (kcal): 135
Fats (g): 7,81
Protein (g): 16,15

  • Baltic Sprat (sprattus sprattus balticus). This species is abound in the Baltic region. You will notice that this species is small in size. And, is also very oily fish. Which as have been seen well for health of human body. If you add it in your weekly, eating habits. Then sure, you will help your body fight against many diseases.
    Baltic sprat is a common dish among the Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. You can even find it listed on the Swedish cultural and tourism website. This particular fish is cooked every single time during Christmas in Sweden. You can easily find this species in supermarkets. You may find Saare Fishexport’s production from Baltic’s biggest retail chains like Maxima, Norfa and Rimi.
  • Baltic Herring (Clupea harengus membras). This species also comes from the Baltic region. Baltic herring is also the national fish of Estonia. Best months of fresh capture are from September to May in the different areas of the Baltic Sea and coastal catching.
    Baltic herring is a good fish to cook and eat. They are small and are oily too. As they come from the cold regions, therefore are sure to provide you with many benefits.

A final question remains to get answered. You probably thinking – All these fishes are mostly in the form of frozen food in super markets. Are they safe to eat?

Yes, they are safe to eat and the supermarkets give you many options on a variety of frozen fishes to choose from. You only step back because you doubt that the frozen is not healthy. However, consider the benefits that you do not always get all of the species of fishes at all seasons. The best bet for you is to freeze them so that you will have various varieties when and how you want them. Above all, you help the environment and help prevent wastage. Furthermore, for your information you can consider IQF freezing.

What is IQF freezing?

IQF means Individual Quick Freezing. This method of freezing quickly freezes the small food item. Therefore, retaining the maximum freshness of food items. In conclusion, it gives a better experience with frozen foods. Eliminating the decades-old practice of freezing the food items. As a result retaining the freshness and taste, which makes your day.